Dr Ning Xiang is an experienced researcher with multi-disciplinary training background. She is a research assistant in the Employment and Education program group at ISSR and is currently working  on the national evaluation of the Australian Government’s Paid Parental Leave (PPL) scheme and the follow-up ARC Linkage project, Millennium Mums Survey.

Prior to joining ISSR in 2010, Ning completed her PhD in social psychology at the UQ. Through the lens of the social identity approach and an organisational justice perspective, her doctoral program of research investigated how anti-norm leaders can mitigate negative responses from their group members when they wish to lead their group towards the prescriptive norms of an outgroup. To this end, she designed and conducted 6 pilot tests and 6 experimental studies to explore two plausible moderators and two potential mediators underlying the effects.  

Research Interests:

  • Social Identity Approach
  • Anti-norm Leaders
  • Middle Management
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • Publications

    ‘Paid Parental Leave evaluation: Phase 1’, Occasional Paper Series 44, 2012, Australian Government Department of Social Services, Canberra.

    ‘Developing an Effective Homelessness Workforce’ (2012). Research report for the then Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

    ‘Paid Parental Leave in Australia: Baby Bonus versus PPL’ (2013) presented on Community Work and Family Conference, Sydney, July 2013.

    ‘The Effect of Timing of Return to Work and Working Hours on Breastfeeding Duration in Australia’ (in preparation)

Staff Details

+61 7 334 69304
+61 7 334 67646

Research Assistant

  • BEc
  • MEd in Applied Psychology (PKU)
  • MSc In International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management (LSE)
  • PhD in Psychology (UQ)