Rose-Marie is an RHD Candidate who completed her Bachelor of Psychology (First Class Honours) at Charles Sturt University in 2012. Rose has a background in critical psychology and has previously worked with peer support groups for mental health services users.While still interested in critical psychology, Rose is now studying un/der/employment.

Her current research is interested in exploring governmentality and intersection of power, knowledge and subjectivity that are involved in the constitution of unemployment; and the ways in which people come to understand themselves as ‘unemployed’.

PhD topic:

‘Becoming unemployed: Mapping embodied subjectivity within jobactive’


  • Prof David Fryer 
  • Dr Ravinder Sidhu 
  • Dr Silke Meyer 
  • Research Interests
    • Un/der/employment
    • Perspectives of the unemployed
    • Foucauldian theory, fieldwork and analysis
    • Critical and social theories of governmentality, resubjecification & neoliberalism
    • Critical psychology and the psy-complex
    • Affective-discursive practices
  • Publications

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Staff Details


RHD Candidate


Bachelor of Psychology (First Class Honours) , Charles Sturt University