Zahra is a recipient of the International Postgraduate Research Scholarship and the UQ Centennial Scholarship.

As a media face and voice against homelessness and with almost ten years service at shelters, Zahra uses ethnography to uncover the tacit truths in the lives of persons who experience homelessness. Her combination of Psychology and the life sciences enables her a unique perspective on chronic homelessness and the diverse untapped opportunities for the improvement of service delivery efficacy.

Through her qualitative research works, her mixed-method research opportunities as a prior medical representative and her successes in applied research for the improvement of safety in the food industry, Zahra employs a transfer of her skills in research toward the achievement of similar successes and innovation in the fight against homelessness and in the restoration of housing security.

PhD topic:
Homelessness and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


  • Dr Cameron Parsell
  • Dr Louise Philips
  • Research Interests
    • Ethnography in the improvement of service delivery efficacy for persons who experience homelessness
    • Identification of barriers to policy effectiveness for persons who experience homelessness
    • Youth pre-homelessness boundaries
    • Giftedness vs resiliency
    • Restoration of housing security
  • Publications
    • Resilient yet Homeless: Locus of Control and Locus of Responsibility for Continuance (Guided by Au/Ja researchers)
    • Helix of Homelessness and the Oxytocin Impasse: A Meta-Analysis for Policy (Guided by Au/NZ researchers)

Staff Details


PhD Candidate

  • Psychology (BHons); Biotechnology & Zoology (BHons)
  • Membership with the Australian Psychological Society