I am an applied statistician with a broad range of research interests. In 2011 I completed a bachelor of applied science majoring in marine conservation. I graduated with a second class honours in marine biology in 2012. I then spent a year acquainting myself with the enlightened world, and in 2014 I graduated with a first class honours in statistics and marine biology.

In 2015, I joined ISSR and the Life course Centre to pursue a PhD applying hierarchical Bayesian models to help evaluate the effects of social disadvantage on people throughout their life course.

PhD topic:
Using Bayesian models to understand how social disadvantage impacts people throughout their life course


  • Prof Mark Western
  • Prof Michele Haynes
  • Research Interests
    • Effects of social disadvantage on human development
    • Human development
    • Bayesian statistics
    • Applied statistics
    • Conservation and marine science
    • Life and all things funny
  • Publications

    Rankin, P.S., & Lemos, R.T. (In Press). An alternative surplus production model. Ecological Modelling.

    Rankin, P.S., & Lemos, R.T. 2015. An alternative surplus production model. Ecological Modelling 323:109–126.

    Rankin, P.S. & Ngwenya, E. (2011). Linking Awareness and Likely Achievement of Global Millennium Development Goals: Evidence and Implications for Advocacy from 46 countries. International Journal of Environmental, Cultural, Economic & Social Sustainability, 7, 1: 275-286. 

Staff Details


PhD Candidate


BSc (Marine Conservation/Biology/Statistics) (Hons 1)