My Program’s expertise is homelessness, poverty, and social welfare and charity responses to people experiencing exclusion. We Examine a range of housing and social services and the effectiveness of service delivery.

My research focus is finding models that can end homelessness, exclusion and deprivation – both locally and globally. As a society we need considered approaches to that most basic of needs, housing. The wellbeing of an individual and society hinge on this need being met.

ISSR Executive
Program leader Social Wellbeing, Health & Housing
ISSR PostGraduate Coordinator


Cameron’s primary area of research is homelessness, supportive housing and social welfare. He has recently been awarded an Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award to examine the interacting individual, service provision and policy dimensions to promote exits from homelessness and housing stability, and with Zlatko Skrbis and Bruce Tranter, he has received an Australian Research Council Discovery grant to examine factors that promote positive career, relationship, housing and health outcomes for young adults. Cameron is an Associate Editor of the Australian Journal of Social Issues, and a Policy Advisor to the Australian Council of Social Services. He is the lead and co-chief investigator on several national studies that broadly examine the nature and outcomes of newly emerging models of intervention directed toward permanently ending homelessness.

Cameron has written about identity, the meaning of home, the international transfer of homelessness/housing policy, and housing as a means to foster autonomy and self-determination. He is currently examining different models and practices of supportive housing and how various non-government stakeholders become involved in and enable the implementation of new approaches to housing delivery. Cameron is particularly interested in conducting ethnographic research, with a focus on policy and practice translation.

REsearch interests:

  • Housing, homelessness and social policy
  • Social Services, Social Welfare
  • Poverty
  • Identity
  • Agency
  • Qualitative and ethnographic research

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  • Australian Research Council DECRA Principal Research Fellow
  • Postgraduate Coordinator
  • BSW (Hons)
  • PhD