• 2008-2012 – Employed with Child Safety Youth and Families (Department of Communities). During this period I worked as a Child Safety Officer, SCAN Coordinator, Team Leader and a Family Group Meeting Convener.
  • 2012-Current – Employed by UQ as a facilitator for Project ABILITY.

PhD topic:

Getting kids back to school: the role of self-efficacy and social support in achieving family group conference agreement outcomes


  • Prof. Lorraine Mazerolle
  • Dr. Emma Antrobus
  • Dr. Sarah Bennett
  • Research Interests

    Project ABILITY is a police led Third Party Policing intervention that uses facilitated Family Group Conferences (FGC) as a forum to bring children, families, police and schools together to have dialogue that both communicates the legal responsibilities of parents/guardians to ensure their children attend school and come to a facilitated set of actions with the goal to reduce truancy and delinquent behaviour. The premise of FGCs is that the young person and their family should be involved in decision-making about how to support the young person to attend school. Specific actions that the young person and family (and other conference attendees) are documented in a negotiated action plan.  By empowering the family to identify and solve problems, more positive outcomes are likely to occur. Project ABILITY is a randomized controlled field trial with 50 cases assigned to the experimental group (FGC) and 50 cases assigned to the control condition. The proposed research project will focus only on young people and their families who take part in Family Group Conferences (the experimental intervention).

    My research will focus on the experimental group in Project ABILITY. I will be assessing the participant’s level of compliance with the ABILITY action plans. I will then look at the self-efficacy of the participants prior to the intervention and intensity of social support linked to the participant during the intervention to see if self-efficacy and social support are indicators of compliance.

Staff Details

+61 7 3737 5538
  • RHD Candidate
  • Facilitator, Project ABILITY
  • Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)