Jack Lam is a life course scholar who conducts research on paid employment, caregiving and their intersections, and as related to health and well-being.

His research so far examines changing dynamics at the workplace and in households and families, and their implications for inequality.

He has a particular interest in understanding and explaining how disadvantage may arise through existing institutional arrangements, and in carrying out research that could inform public and organizational policies.  

Research Interests:

  • Aging and the life course
  • Work and family
  • Intergenerational relationships and support
  • Health and well-being

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  • Publications

    Lam, Jack, Kimberly Fox, Wen Fan, Phyllis Moen, Erin L. Kelly, Leslie Hammer, and Ellen Kossek. 2015. “Manager Characteristics and Employee Job Insecurity around a Merger Announcement: The Role of Status and Crossover.” The Sociological Quarterly 56(3): 558-580.

    Fan, Wen, Jack Lam, Phyllis Moen, Erin L Kelly, Rosalind King, and Susan McHale.  2015. “Constrained Choices: Linking Work Conditions to the Health Behaviors of Employees, Spouses, and Children.” Social Science & Medicine 126: 99-109.

    Lam, Jack. 2014. “The Long Arm of the Life Course: Adolescent Experiences and the Evaluation of Job Security in Early Adulthood” Research in the Sociology of Work, 25: 127-155.

    Lam, Jack, Wen Fan, and Phyllis Moen. 2014. “Is Insecurity Worse for Well-Being in Turbulent Times? Mental Health in Context.” Society and Mental Health 4(1): 55-73.

    Moen, Phyllis, Jack Lam, Samantha Ammons, and Erin L. Kelly. 2013. “Time Work by Overworked Professionals: Strategies in Response to the Stress of Higher Status.” Work & Occupations 40(2): 79-114.

    Moen, Phyllis, Erin L. Kelly, Jack Lam. 2013. “Healthy Work Revisited: Does Reducing Time Strain Promote Women’s and Men’s Health?” Journal of Occupational Health Psychology 18(2): 157-172.

Staff Details

+61 7 334 67630

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

  • BA Political Science (University of Southern California)
  • BA Social Sciences, with emphasis in Psychology (University of Southern California)
  • PhD Sociology (University of Minnesota)