I worked as a secondary humanities teacher for over 40 years, which included a period as a principal and three years working in an international school in Lae. For many years I dreamed of pursuing a higher research degree in education specifically the education of boys. Since retirement I have increased my involvement as member of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and have served on the Society's State Social Justice Committee for the past three years. On this committee I developed a strong interest in the problems of homeless people. My PhD thesis will endeavour to explore the pathways homeless people have taken to return to permanent housing, from the point of view of a number of ex-homeless people. While many experts strive to understand and cure homelessness, the only real experts that intimately know how to escape from living without permanent accommodation are the ex-homeless.

MPhil topic: 

Empowering the homeless


Dr Cameron Parsell

  • Research Interests
    • Causes of poverty and homelessness
    • Private and Government homelessness services and policies
    • Pathways out of homelessness - those with measureable successful and unsuccessful outcomes.
    • Lingering effects of homelessness on those who have been able to exit this type of lifestyle
  • Publications

    Society of St. Vincent de Paul Social Justice Bulletin (Editor)

    Submission to Queensland State Government inquiry into Public housing

    Policy Documents on homelessness and political advocacy for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul

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MPhil Candidate


M.Ed. Studies, Monash

B.Ed, La Trobe,

Higher Dip of Ed., State College of Victoria

Graduate Dip RE, ACU