Andrew is a sociologist whose research focuses on urban governance, housing and homelessness, social policy and public service reform. Andrew is currently undertaking research into service integration in the context of an assertive outreach services for people sleeping rough and experiencing chronic homelessness. He is also continuing to explore themes that arose in his PhD research regarding the relationship between customer focus policy and compliance practices in the context of urban governance.

Andrew has previously worked on projects investigating neighbour problems, the nature and adequacy of data kept by social housing authorities to identify and address family vulnerability, and the issue of childcare flexibility. Andrew’s research combines policy analysis, ethnographic methods and the analysis of administrative systems and data sets. 

Research Interests:

  • Urban governance
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Social policy
  • Governmentality and governing practices
  • Institutional and organisational ethnography
  • Publications

    Clarke, A. (2015). Governing the dieting self: Conducting weight-loss via the internet. Journal of Sociology, 51(3): 657-673.

    Parsell, C., Clarke, A., Cheshire, L. & Spallek, M. (2016). Data to Identify and Address Family Vulnerability: A Scoping Study 2016. Brisbane, QLD, Australia: Department of Housing and Public Works.

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    Memmott, P., Greenop, K., Haynes, M., Clarke, A. and Western, M. (2011). The Challenge of Monitoring Regional Indigenous Homelessness. Parity, 24(9): 31-34.

Staff Details

+61 7 334 68209

Postdoctoral Research Fellow