Lyn (Linping) Chen is a Research Assistant at the ISSR. She joined the Institute in 2016 as a part of Dr. Wojtek Tomaszewski's team and her main responsibility is conducting statistical data analysis for the team's projects. She completed her Bachelor of Medicine degree in Public Health from China, as well as her Postgraduate Diploma and Masters of Public Health (Majoring in Epidemiology and Statistics) from the University of Queensland in 2003. For over 14 years, Lyn has worked as a Research Assistant and Statistician at the Queensland Children Medical Research Institute, and the Schools of Public Health at UQ and QUT. 

Research interests: 

  • Biostatistics and applied statistics research, design and methods
  • Longitudinal data analysis; Time series; Spatial analysis; Multi-level modelling;
  • Meta-analysis; Survival analysis; Mixed model; GIS
  • Public health and Epidemiology 
  • Environment, work, education and families research 
  • Life causes 
  • Publications

    Chen, L., Zhou, Y., Li, S., Williams, G., Kan, H., Marks, G. B., Morawska, L., Abramson, M.J., Chen, S., Yao, T., Qin, T., Wu, S. and Guo, Y. (2016)  Air pollution and fasting blood glucose: a longitudinal study in China. Science of The Total Environment, 541: 750-755. doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2015.09.132.

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    Chen, L., Walker, S.  and Tong, S.  (2002) The impact of the variation in death certification and coding practices on trends in mortality from ischemic heart disease, Australian Health Review, vol. 25 (4): 189-197.

Staff Details

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Research Assistant

  • BMed (China)
  • PG Dip PH (UQ)
  • MPH (UQ)