Zoe has a background in social and clinical psychology, and her research so far has examined the psychosocial factors that contribute to wellbeing and mental health in socially disadvantaged populations. Her research interests include social connectedness and identity, stigmatised and marginalised group membership, and interpersonal and individual emotion regulation.

Zoe’s current research focuses on an evaluation of a government project designed to integrate social housing with health and social service systems to improve housing, health and social outcomes for social housing tenants with mental health problems and complex needs.

Research Interests:

  • Housing, homelessness and social policy
  • Wellbeing
  • Social identity, connectedness and group belonging
  • Social Support
  • Publications

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    Dingle, G., Cruwys, T., Jetten, J., Johnstone, M., & Walter, Z. (2014). The benefits of participation in recreational group activities for adults at risk of homelessness. Parity, July 2014, 18-19.

Staff Details

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Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Bachelor of Psychological Sciences (Hons 1)
Current PhD/MClin Candidate