I am the project manager for WOW, the Way Out West project about consumer experiences of service integration and referrals, which was commissioned by the Queensland Mental Health Commission. My background includes freelance editing, coordinating research projects about illicit drug use, managing service-delivery programs in a range of health areas, providing professional development for general practitioners, and lecturing and tutoring on health-related subjects. 

Research Interests:

  • Optimising mental health
  • Knowledge translation
  • Publications

    Betts, K. S., Chan, G., McIlwraith, F., Dietze, P., Whittaker, E., Burns, L.& Alati, R. (2016). Differences in polysubstance use patterns and drug-related outcomes between people who inject drugs receiving and not receiving opioid substitution therapies. Addiction, 111, 7: 121-1223.

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    McIlwraith, F., Kinner, S. A. & Najman, J.M. (2011). AOD treatment agencies: does religious affiliation influence service delivery? Drug and Alcohol Review, 30, 6: 664-670

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Project Manager

  • BA
  • M SocSc
  • PhD