The Social Wellbeing, Health and Housing Research Program, led by Dr Cameron Parsell, focuses on producing internationally recognised research regarding the wellbeing of individuals, families, neighbourhoods, cities and regions in Australian society.

The Program team, led by Dr Cameron Parsell, undertakes many collaborative research projects including the current partnership with The Mercy Foundation to research first time homelessness and housing stress in later life.

It is concerned with:

  • Conceptualising and measuring social wellbeing, and related concepts such as quality of life, health status and social inequality
  • Analysing the factors that impact on social wellbeing
  • Analysing social policies and programs designed to enhance social wellbeing

The program covers fundamental research on the dynamics of social wellbeing and applied research addressing contemporary social issues.

Research is conducted across a range of social policy areas with a particular emphasis on health and housing, and the social wellbeing of groups including older people, people with disabilities, families and children, immigrants, and Australian Indigenous peoples.