The Research Methods and Social Statistics Program (ReMASS), led by Professor Michele Haynes, aims to develop and evaluate methods for the analysis of quantitative and qualitative social science data.

The Program, led by Associate Professor Michele Haynes, has staff with expertise in sampling design and procedures, data collection, statistical analysis, statistical modelling and estimation.

The achievements of this program include developing dual-frame survey methods for sampling landline and mobile phones and designing new analytics technologies (Leximancer, SiTrack, Discursis and HARVEST) to expedite research results and increase reliability.

The Program places emphasis on the application and development of advanced statistical procedures for collecting and analysing social survey data, particularly multi-level, longitudinal and spatially-relevant research techniques and provides these services:

  • Statistical advice
  • Survey design and data collection
  • Statistical analysis
  • Scientific qualitative analysis
  • Research training and professional development
  • Access to social science secondary research data in the Australian Data Archive (ADA)

The UQ node of the Australian Qualitative Archive (AQUA), which is advancing the preservation and confidential reuse of qualitative research data through new methods and technologies.