Postgraduate students researching inequality now have the opportunity to expand their career horizons through international experience with a new ISSR scholarship.

The Western Travel Scholarship will enable students to undertake international research, including attending or presenting at conferences, collecting or accessing data, visiting overseas laboratories, and undertaking internships or secondments with universities outside of Australia.

The scholarship, named in recognition of the University of Queensland's first Professor of Sociology Emeritus Professor John Western AM, is designed to broaden the recipient’s research exposure by working on new projects, training in different research methods, and collaborating with inspirational researchers in the field. This experience provides a unique opportunity to help expand recipients' professional networks, and to develop positive cross-institutional relationships.

This new scholarship was made possible through a generous donation from Mrs Tasnee Western, wife of the late Professor Western.

Mrs Western hopes that the scholarship will promote greater understanding of inequality research internationally and provide experiences to build students' capacity to undertake world-class research and engage with issues at the forefront of their field. She also sees this scholarship as a way to help early career researchers realise their full potential as future leaders in their chosen careers.

Scholarships of up to $15,000 will be awarded each year for the next five years, to one or more students for assistance with travel, accommodation, and general living expenses whilst overseas.

In addition to the scholarship donation, Mrs Western has also generously endowed funds to the School of Social Sciences to boost their annual John Western Sociology Prize, to award $1,000 annually to the top achieving fourth year honours student majoring in sociology.

To help support more students to extend their potential, please contact Sue McKell, Deputy Director (Innovation), on 07 3346 7801 or


12 December 2016