Stream B – Working with Data (Applied)

MFSAS Stream B applied modules introduce basic techniques for data analysis. The focus of these modules is to identify appropriate analyses for research questions around similarity and difference, and analyse and interpret results.

These modules provide simple explanations of statistical concepts for users of research, rather than detailed instructions on how to perform statistical tests. No computers are used in these modules.

These half and full day modules are designed for individuals with a basic understanding of data concepts, and would suit those who have already completed one or more introductory MFSAS modules.

Module B1 – Recognising Differences   (½ day)

  • Making comparisons
  • Understanding statistical significance
  • Testing for significance

Module overview

Next Workshop: 28 March, 2017 & 8 August, 2017 (1:30pm - 5:00pm)
Cost: $330 (student discount 25%)
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Module B2 – Understanding Relationships   (½ day)

  • Types of relationships
  • Testing for association
  • Causality vs. Correlation

Module overview

Next Workshop: 29 March,2017 & 9 August, 2017 (9:00am - 12:30pm)
Cost: $330 (student discount 25%)
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Module B3 – Recognising Changes   (½ day)

  • Trends over time
  • Change over repeated observations
  • Introduction to methods of analysis

Module overview

Next Workshop: 29 March, 2017 & 9 August, 2017 (1:30pm - 5:00pm)
Cost: $330 (student discount 25%)
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Module B4 – Doing Social Cost-Benefit Analysis   (2 days)

  • the topics included in MFSAS Module A4 – Understanding Social Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • apply a basic working knowledge of the basic processes and methods involved in undertaking a CBA
  • demonstrate a basic proficiency in the use of spreadsheet-based CBAs
  • apply sensitivity analysis and threshold analysis techniques to allow for uncertainty in CBA

Module overview

Next Workshop: 20-21 June 2017 (9:00am - 5:00pm daily)
Cost: $1100 (student discount 25%)
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