About the MFSAS Program

MFSAS consists of a series of training modules grouped into four streams: one introductory, one applied, one advanced and one software stream. The modules range from half a day in length to two-days, depending on the content and how advanced the module is.


MFSAS has been designed so that any individual or workplace wishing to improve their knowledge and skills in social research can do so by choosing the module or modules that fit their needs. The modules provide contextually relevant research methods and statistics training, using a problem-focused approach.


Training modules cover a range of applied social statistics and analysis topics, including:

  • Data basics
  • Methods for collecting data
  • Methods for quantitative analysis
  • Interpretation of statistical data
  • Advanced social statistics.

These modules provide participants with fundamental skills including:

  • How to construct, collate and interpret questions of social significance
  • How to use social data to inform evidence-based policies and programs
  • How to recognise the quality and robustness of research sources

There are two options for participating in modules:

Individuals can register to attend scheduled modules that will be delivered at ISSR, UQ;


Organisations that have a group of staff that require training can contact us to deliver training in the relevant modules. Half-day modules can be undertaken as stand-alone training, or can be combined to create full-day or two-day training workshops. This training can be completed either at ISSR, UQ, or at your organisation’s premises. Groups of at least (12) are required.

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