International reach

Our researchers have experience designing and undertaking research within national and international contexts. Leading international researchers and collaborators visit the Institute each year and present their research.

We have international partnerships with prestigious research organisations including Harvard University (for research on race and family dynamics), Brown University (for criminological and lifecourse studies) and the University of Washington (for research on employment and crime). See ISSR YouTube Channel for presentations and interviews with some of the professors from those universities.

We also partner with commercial organisations overseas for research collaborations where we provide methodological and subject matter expertise and Australian-based service delivery.

We welcome interest from prospective international partners (academic and corporate) who share our commitment to high-quality social science research. Examples of our current collaborations include:

  • The Social Networks and Health, and Wellbeing research project that compares developed and developing societies of Australia, China and the UK to see how social networks affect well-being in different cultural and societal contexts
  • Comparative research on the interaction between collective agreements and social policies in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Australia
  • Longitudinal research on the relationship between housing and fertility in Britain, Germany and Australia
  • A longitudinal study of work-family conflict and health in the United States, Canada and Australia