Successful track record

We have specific expertise and experience in experimental research design for field (i.e. out of lab) experiments that are designed to rigorously test the effectiveness of policies and programs.

Social research experiments are developed to have strong internal validity to accurately identify cause and effect inferences. Recent experimental research includes:

  • Project ABILITY, an experiment to evaluate whether partnerships between the Queensland Police Service and other State government agencies, high schools, and social service providers can reduce truanting and associated anti-social behaviours. See Ability project page
  • The Queensland Community Engagement Trial (QCET), completed in 2010, was the world’s first research experiment aimed at exploring legitimacy in a routine police-citizen encounter. We designed a randomised field trial to assess how applying the principles of procedural justice (respect, neutrality and fairness) may impact citizens’ attitudes towards drink driving, satisfaction with police, and perceptions of compliance. See QCET project page