Understanding the Spatial and Social Drivers of Employment Transitions

This research develops an analytical model to inform policies concerned with reducing the economic and social costs associated with unproductive time spent in labour market transitions between unemployment and employment.

Integrating data from several large Australian social surveys, a hierarchical Bayesian statistical model incorporating spatial analysis was developed to assess the effects of region-specific, temporal, structural and individual characteristics on employment transitions.

This model identified the locations and characteristics of people who are most at risk of labour market exclusion and will facilitate the development of region-specific social and economic policy.

Project Value: 
$245 000.00
Australian Research Council Discovery Project
2008 to 2011
Time status: 
Associate Professor Michele Haynes (m.haynes@uq.edu.au)
Publications and Reports: 

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Longitudinal Outcomes
Multi-level Modeling
Data integration
Labour market
Life course