Control Chart Methodology to Monitor Workload & Performance Measures

This research focuses on the further development and refinement of control chart methodology for monitoring organisational activity, resourcing and performance outcomes to inform management decisions within the AFP.

This project extended current lists of performance measures to incorporate a more complete set of outcomes including the drug harm index, investigations by drug type, investigations by conviction type, costs and benefits of drug seizures, among other outcomes. This research also developed the capacity to apply the control chart methodology at lower levels of desegregations, for example by office or by AFP function.

In addition to producing control chart methodology that can be used as a tool for monitoring organisational performance based on outcome measures that are specific to the AFP, this research contributes to the further development of statistical control chart methodology in the academic literature. The analysis of selected historical time series data that are stored in the AFP criminal investigations database will provide an insight into trends of criminal activity that have previously been explored in Australia.

Project Value: 
$150 000.00
Australian Federal Police
2007 to 2011
Time status: 
Associate Professor Michele Haynes ( )
Publications and Reports: 

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Time series models
Generalised linear models
Control charts