Resilient and connected

Communities are the places where people live, work, socialise and play. Our program of research explores the range of community dynamics that lead to resilient and healthy communities, as well as the factors that create vulnerabilities, crime, disorder and inter-group hostilities. 

We study policies and programs that help build social cohesion, harmony and positive neighbouring relations.

We also work closely with industry partners to test, under randomised field trial conditions, innovative approaches for reducing crime and delinquency problems, increasing citizen perceptions of police and institutional legitimacy, and building the capacity for communities to self- regulate and prevent crime and disorder problems.

Below is a list of research projects associated with this cluster.

The Impact of School Design and Infrastructure on Educational Outcomes

Within Australia and internationally, there is growing recognition that the physical design of educational facilities and institutions should accord with top pedagogical practices and the learning needs of students. Within Queensland, recent initiatives such as the State Schools of Tomorrow... Read more

Health and Hospitals Fund – Evaluation Framework

The Health and Hospitals Fund was established by the Australian Government to invest in major health infrastructure programs and make strategic investments in the health system that will underpin major improvements in efficiency, access or outcomes of health care.  The resultant evaluation... Read more

Department of Health and Aging eHealth and Adverse Drug Events Study

Design of a study to establish a baseline of adverse drug effects (ADEs) prior to introduction of future eHealth initiatives. Study design should support follow-up reviews and methods should be specified to isolate the impact of the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) on ADEs.... Read more

Frontline Adaptive Practice in Complex Indigenous Contexts

This research project aims to develop a sound evidence base and a pragmatic understanding of the realities of policy implementation on the ground in Indigenous Affairs. It aims to better understand how frontline workers (volunteers and employees of Indigenous organisations, NGOs, private... Read more

Violent Crime in Developing Countries

This project will produce a systematic review of the effects of justice system interventions on violent crime in developing countries. This review has been funded by 3ie, the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation, an organisation that focuses on using evidence evaluation to improve lives... Read more

Establishment of the Australian Data Archive

The Australian Data Archive will provide a world-class facility for researchers in the humanities and social sciences. The facility will be a web-enabled one-stop service allowing researchers to: browse a diverse range of data holdings and formats; conduct sophisticated statistical analysis on-... Read more

Sampling and estimation methodologies for dual frame telephone surveys in Australia

The social and market research industry mostly conduct their telephone surveys by sampling from landlines. It is currently estimated that 20% of people are resident in mobile-only households in Australia. These estimates vary by demographic groups, with disproportionately more young students and... Read more

Use of Allied Health Services

With the global burden of disease, building the evidence base for the use of health services and what influences patterns of use is of critical policy importance. The emphasis on multidisciplinary care for people with chronic disease has stimulated interest in the use of allied health services by... Read more

Understanding the Spatial and Social Drivers of Employment Transitions

This research develops an analytical model to inform policies concerned with reducing the economic and social costs associated with unproductive time spent in labour market transitions between unemployment and employment. Integrating data from several large Australian social surveys, a... Read more