Investing in child health and development

09 July 2015

A perspective from interventional epidemiology There has been great interest in early life investment to enhance capability formation over the lifecourse. This presentation will describe how integrated research platforms of randomised control trials, natural experiments, linkage of administrative data, and longitudinal observational studies can be harnessed... read more

Kids First: Five Big Ideas for Transforming Children’s Lives and Australia’s Future

20 October 2014

Prof Kirp is the James D. Marver Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley and has served on President Obama’s Transition Team. He has taught at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and was the founding director of the Harvard Centre on Law and Education that helped develop litigation for the rights of poor and minority... read more

Workshop - A Life Course Perspective Research Approach

04 November 2013 to 05 November 2013

A two-day workshop presented by Dr Belinda Hewitt The Institute for Social Science Research and The School of Social Science and are hosting a two-day workshop on the life course perspective and methodological considerations when conducting life course research.  Since the 1960s the life course perspective has become an increasingly... read more

Changing face of Australian families explored at UQ workshop

18 October 2011

Experts from government will attend presentations by the nation's leading researchers on families and family policy at a two-day workshop, Family, Work and Well-being over the Life Course, at The University of Queensland, held on October 20–21.  The University of Queensland's Australian Research Council Professorial Fellow Janeen... read more

Workshop for social researchers on life course perspective research

07 November 2013

What is a life course research perspective? What are the methodologies? And how does it provide such a powerful framework for social researchers to understand what determines people’s health, employment, wellbeing and educational outcomes? The answer to these questions was the subject of a two-day workshop, “Life Course Perspective Research... read more

New Life Course Centre formed to break the cycle of disadvantage

19 December 2013

The Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR) will host a new $28 million research centre to improve the lives of children and families who experience social disadvantage across generations. The Australian Research Council (ARC) awarded $20 million in funding for the ARC Centre of Excellence for Children and Families over the Life Course (Life Couse... read more

Life Course Centre launched to tackle the big question of social disadvantage

08 October 2014

Experts from universities, governments and NGOs across seven countries are tackling the urgent problems of deep and persistent disadvantage through a $28 million centre led by the University of Queensland, which was launched in Melbourne on October 8. The Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Children and Families over the Life Course (Life... read more

Policy brief: Stakeholder perspectives on sleep, rest and relaxation in ECEC

10 October 2017

  Sleep, rest and relaxation are an essential part of the ECEC day, providing both learning opportunities and support for healthy bodies and minds. The Early Years Learning Framework includes sleep, rest and relaxation as part of the curriculum and  early childhood curriculum and commencing October 1 2017, the requirement to have policies and... read more

Working paper: Sources of Variation in the Income Gradient in Child Mental Health: Evidence from Australia

13 November 2017

Understanding the factors that enhance or limit children’s physical and mental health is a topic of increasing interest to researchers and policymakers alike, as child health is known to have short- and long-term effects on academic attainment, adult health and labour market outcomes. Income is one important precursor of child physical and general health... read more