It's cheaper to give someone housing than to keep them homeless

04 May 2017

Brisbane Common Ground (BCG) is a model of permanent supportive housing designed as a solution to chronic homelessness. Established as part of the 2008 national agenda to reduce the incidence of homelessness, BCG consists of 146 self-contained units with onsite social and clinical support services. In this seminar, we present evidence from a two-year multi-... read more

PUBLIC SYMPOSIUM - The Rise of the Renter Nation: The Australian Chapter

24 October 2014

In a recent report entitled Rise of the Renter Nation, the US Right to the City Alliance observed that the dramatic fall in rates of home ownership resulting from the US housing market crisis has been accompanied by a commensurate rise in the proportion of renter households, such that some American cities now contain over 60 per cent renter... read more

Aboriginal Lifeworlds, conditionality and housing outcomes

18 September 2014

The IMYRP study in Logan, Tennant Creek and Mt Isa In the context of the national policy debate on Indigenous disadvantage, the management of social housing tenancies and home ownership have assumed critical importance as governments move towards greater conditionality in the provision of services to Indigenous people. This AHURI Indigenous Multi-Year... read more

ISSR wins $1.33 million grant for homelessness research

10 June 2010

ISSR wins $1.33 million grant for homelessness research A consortium of UQ researchers led by Professor Andrew Jones of ISSR has been granted a Homelessness Research Partnership Agreement by the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Aboriginal Affairs (FaHCSIA) for the period 2010 – 2013. Under this agreement, ISSR will receive $... read more

Responding to Indigenous homelessness

13 December 2012

Although about 0.5% of the Australian population are homeless and Indigenous Australians account for only 2.5% of the total population – it is estimated that over 9% of Australian Indigenous people are homeless. The Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR) as part of a cluster of projects for FaCHSIA (Department of Families, Housing, Community... read more

Bold housing model to reduce homelessness to be evaluated

18 November 2013

Leader of the Social Wellbeing, Health and Housing Program, Dr Cameron Parsell, and a research team at the Institute for Social Research (ISSR) will conduct an evaluation of an innovative supportive housing initiative to reduce homelessness, the Brisbane Common Ground. The Common Ground initiative in Brisbane consists of an apartment style building with... read more

Home ownership on community land becomes reality on Palm Island

30 October 2014

Luella Bligh became the first person to sign a 99-year residential lease over communal title land in Queensland, in March this year. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Queensland are now able to own their homes in 34 Indigenous shires through 99-year leases - similar to how land is held privately in Canberra. Through a Deed of Grant in Trust (... read more

Senate housing affordability report

28 May 2015

Dr Maree Petersen’s research on older people at risk of homelessness has been cited in the recently released Commonwealth Government Senate report, Out of reach? The Australian housing affordability challenge. The report addressed a wide range of national issues effecting housing affordability and availability; the policy, financial and tax... read more

First seminar at Long Pocket precinct

23 September 2015

The first seminar at the new ISSR premises at the Long Pocket precinct was held on 17 September. David Ribar, the Acting Deputy Director of the Melbourne Institute delivered the seminar, ‘A Longitudinal Analysis of Violence and Housing Insecurity’, presenting preliminary findings from research using national longitudinal data from the Journeys... read more