Investing in child health and development

09 July 2015

A perspective from interventional epidemiology There has been great interest in early life investment to enhance capability formation over the lifecourse. This presentation will describe how integrated research platforms of randomised control trials, natural experiments, linkage of administrative data, and longitudinal observational studies can be harnessed... read more

Public provision or private purchase?

24 October 2014

Women`s experiences of marketised maternity care in Australia's two-tiered health system The provision of care to new mothers, like health care provision more generally, has been shaped by the retrenchment of publicly funded services, and an increased reliance on markets or families to provide care. Australia’s stratified public and private health... read more

ARC Linkage grant success for Dr Petersen

04 July 2012

ISSR Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr Maree Petersen and a team from The University of Queensland, La Trobe University and University of Alberta were awarded an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage grant to investigate community services for older people living in rural Australia. The project entitled, ‘The relationship between rural living and... read more

Indigenous health and architectural space

16 December 2015

In the Australian Research Council’s (ARC) Major Grants Announcement on October 30 a project to improve the architectural design of hospitals for Indigenous users was awarded funding. The project ‘Understanding Indigenous experiences of architectural settings to improve Indigenous health outcomes: Does design matter?’ will be led by... read more

Working paper: Sources of Variation in the Income Gradient in Child Mental Health: Evidence from Australia

13 November 2017

Understanding the factors that enhance or limit children’s physical and mental health is a topic of increasing interest to researchers and policymakers alike, as child health is known to have short- and long-term effects on academic attainment, adult health and labour market outcomes. Income is one important precursor of child physical and general health... read more

Weekly Dose: cocaine, the glamour drug of the ’70s, is making a comeback

09 March 2018

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. Jason Ferris, The University of Queensland; Barbara Wood, The University of Queensland, and Stephanie Cook, The University of Queensland Cocaine is derived from the leaves of the coca plant, which is native to South America.... read more