UQ BIG data for change FORUM

16 September 2015

We welcome you to join us for this special UQ Research Week event to hear from research and public sector leaders about how public and private data is currently being used to improve lives and transform Australian communities, and how it has the potential for future science to solve some of the world’s greatest social problems. Join the... read more

Big Data Day @ UQ

25 November 2014

As global discussions on Big Data potential and challenges continue to expand, so do unrealistic expectations, misconceptions and myths. It is evident that realization of Big Data potential depends on bringing together multiple disciplines and mind-sets. The Data and Knowledge Engineering Research Group at The University of Queensland presents Big Data Day... read more

Big data and social science

04 June 2015

Accessing ‘big data’ can enrich social science research, which often uses surveys to gather information, including national cohort and population surveys such as the longitudinal Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia Survey (HILDA) and The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC). Increasingly, quantitative social science... read more

Navigating the Twittersphere just got easier

25 June 2015

Newcomers to the Twittersphere can find it confronting and alienating, somewhat like being in a fishbowl with an invisible audience and no voice. narratif Place is a new app that helps the user, the tweeters, find  conversations relevant to their message that are happening in real time on Twitter. The app was developed by ISSR’s Senior... read more

Australia needs new birth cohort data

27 July 2015

A recent Institute for Social Science (ISSR) report, The case for a new Australian birth cohort study, puts forward strong arguments for data from a new birth cohort of Australian children that will inform policy directed at improving the lifetime wellbeing of individuals and families. The report, commissioned by the Australian Government Department of... read more

Big Data to lead bigger change

31 August 2015

Social data such as children’s numeracy skills and social security records are laying foundations for major social change, thanks to new research. University of Queensland and government researchers will explore how social data can transform communities, such as overcoming family disadvantage, at the UQ BIG Data for Change FORUM in Canberra... read more

In-house administrative data spanning 10 years affirms how NGOs can make an enduring impact

19 July 2017

St Vincent de Paul commissioned ISSR to evaluate the impact of the NGO’s services in addressing needs through analysis of their internal data. Two questions formed the basis of this research: ‘What determines repeat requests for charity?’ and ‘Does the time spent providing charity impact on repeat requests for charity?’... read more

Working paper: Sources of Variation in the Income Gradient in Child Mental Health: Evidence from Australia

13 November 2017

Understanding the factors that enhance or limit children’s physical and mental health is a topic of increasing interest to researchers and policymakers alike, as child health is known to have short- and long-term effects on academic attainment, adult health and labour market outcomes. Income is one important precursor of child physical and general health... read more

ISSR co-hosts the 2016 Census data release at Customs House

15 August 2017

ISSR co-hosted an official 2016 Census data release event with long-time partner, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The 2016 Census was the first major Census collection since 2011. In support of the national data release, Professor Mark Western opened the event to Brisbane audiences who took a first look at the 2016 Census data, and discovered... read more

Network data, more than pretty pictures

18 November 2013

There was great interest from researchers at the Institute for Social Science (ISSR) in Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr Rochelle Côté’s presentation on network data collection at the Institute’s weekly professional development discussion group last week. Your presentation “More than just pretty pictures: the why, what and how of network... read more